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The Most Complete List Of Dead Wrestlers

This is the most complete list of deceased wrestlers on the Internet. In it you will find wrestlers who have died in the last ten years, twenty years, and going all the way back to the late 19th century. The basis for the list is courtesy of Gary Will.

I have tried to include as many professional wrestlers from around the world as possible. I will be updating it as time allows and cross referencing it with other sites that have more information on cause of death, including Wikipedia.

This list is a work in progress, if you see mistakes or have anything to add, please post in the comments. The dates are in the process of being converted to a more readable format, since this is a compilation of several sources.

Causes of death are also constantly being added as I have time to search lists and the Internet, where necessary. Add the list to your favorites and check back often for updates.

There is much debate about how much effect steroid use has on the premature deaths of professional wrestlers. As this list will be updated with causes of death, where available, it is beneficial to have some idea of the side effects of steroid use. While the true long term side effects are not fully known, it is believed that just a few of the side effects of steroid use include: heart disease, liver damage, kidney damage, cancer, strokes and blood clots, depression, thoughts of suicide, paranoia, hallucinations, severe mood swings, and 'roid rage' - severe, aggressive behavior that may result in violence.

Please also note that very few wrestlers on this list were even suspected of steroid use. Steroids abuse has been going on for only a few decades compared to the 100+ year history of professional wrestling. I have tried to be as accurate as possible, but information can be very difficult to come by, especially for pre-1960's wrestlers.

TIP: I've tried to list wrestlers by their real names, but that can be confusing because often fans only know the wrestlers by their stage names. Here's an easy way to search: on a Windows computer, hit the Control and F keys at the same time (for Mac, it's Command and F). A small search box will appear at the bottom of your browser. Type in a word or name and it will be instantly highlighted everywhere it appears on the page.

If a professional wrestler isn't on our list, please leave us a note in the comments and I'll try and update it as soon as possible. Thank you.

*denotes European wrestler

Stage names in quotes

Name/(Age at Death)/Date of Death/Cause of Death

"Sheik" Abdullah Abbas
Ace Abbott
Alex Aberg
*Carl Abs February 18, 1895
Herb Abrams (41) July 23, 1996 Drug Overdose
*Artur Ackermann February 9, 1948
Kenny Ackles
Brian "Crush" Adams (44) August 13, 2007, combination of prescription drugs
Chris Adams (46) October 7, 2001 Shot to Death
"Adrian Adonis" Keith Franke (34) July 4, 1988
Dick "the Bruiser" Afflis (62) November 10, 1991, Ruptured Blood Vessel
Juan Aguilar "El Texano" (47) January 15, 2006, Respiratory Failure
*Kara Ahmed May 27, 1912
*August Ahrens July 20, 1951
Louis Vincent Albano, (76) Oct. 14, 2009, AKA "Captain Lou" Albano, Natural Causes
Gary Albright (34) January 7, 2000 Heart Attack
Ralph Alexander
Babu Ali
"Ali Aliba" Lawrence LeBelle (49)
Jack Allen
*Georg Altmann March, 1939
Tony Altomare (74) February 20, 2003 Heart Attack
Gene Anderson (58)October 31, 1991
Paul Anderson (61)August 15, 1994
Randy “Pee Wee” Anderson (41) May 7, 2002 Natural Causes
Red Andrews
"Lady Angel" Geneva Huckabee 1966
"Tony Angelo" Henry Pardi
"Anibal" Ignacio Carlos Carillo (53)March 9, 1994
Rodney "Yokozuna"Anoia (34) October 22, 2000 Heart Attack
Shoichi Arai (36) May 16, 2002 Suicide
"Vittorio Argentina Apollo" Vincente Denigris August 2, 1984
"Baron" George Arena 92
Kenneth Aspden 85
"Bert Assirati" Bernardo Esserati(82) August 31, 1990
"Fred Atkins" Fred Atkinson (77) May 14, 1988
"Buddy Austin" Francis Gabor August 12, 1981
Sam Avey
Mike Awesome (42) February 17, 2007 Suicide
Angel Azteca (43) March 18, 2007 Unknown

Ali Baba Arteen Ekizian
Shohei "Baba" Giant (61) January 31, 1999 Bowel Cancer
Al Baffert
Lionel Baillargeon
Russ Barker 93
Jim Barnett (Promoter) (80) September 17, 2004 Cancer and Pneumonia
Donald M. Baron
Art Barr (28) November 23, 1994 Unknown
Sandy Barr June 2, 2007 (69)Heart Attack
Ellis Bashara
Sam Bass July 27, 1976 Car Accident
Thiebaud Bauer
Sam Beal
"The Beast" John Yachetti (59) 1987
"Bobby Becker" John Emmerling Novermber, 26, 1954
Fred Beell (57) August 5, 1933
Ray Belec
"Chris" Christos Belkas (63)February 5, 1981
"Jack" John Bence (63) May, 1985
Chris Benoit 2007/06/24 (40) Suicide
Nancy "Woman" Benoit 2007/07/24 (43) Murdered
*Paul Berger 92/01/13
Jim "Brute" Bernard 84/07/14
Ralph "Wild Red" Berry 73/07/29 (66)
Stanley Berush
Allen Bialo "the Giant" 91/05
Edwin Bibby
Scott "Bam Bam" Bigelow (45) January 19, 2007 Drug Overdose
Nick Billings
Stanley Blackburn (80) November 20, 1997 Unknown
Jerry Blackwell (45) January 22, 1995 Pneumonia
Torbellino Blanco
"Classie" Freddie Blassie (85) June 2, 2003 Natural Causes
*Georg "Schurl" Blemenschutz 90/11/15
Meynell "Lofty" Bloomfield 71/06/18 or 73
Warren Bockwinkel 86/03/24
Paul Boesch
George Bollas
Andre Bollet
Bobby Bonales 94/06/26 (77) Roberto Aceves
Brady Boone (40) December 15, 1998 Auto Accident
George Bothner
Shane "Biff Wellington" Bower June 23, 2007 (42) Heart Attack
Paul Bowser
Janet Boyer 51
Dino Bravo 93/03/11 (44) Adolpho Bresciano
Bobo Brazil (74) January 20, 1998 Heart Problems
Mike Brendell
Steve Brisno
Jack Britton 80/02/09 Gabriel Acocella
Bruiser Brody 88/07/17 (42) Frank Goodish
Steve Brody
Dick "Bulldog" Brower (63) September 16, 1997 Diabetes
"Bozo Brown/Spaceman Hickey" Frank Hickey (93)
Bulldog Bob Brown (58) February 6, 1997 Heart Attack
Charro Brown
Elmer "Pet" Brown
Frank Brown
Jack Brown 84/07/22
"Harlem" Jimmy Brown 65
Bad Leroy Brown 88 (38) Leroy Rochester
Lyman Brown
Natie Brown 91/06
Orville Brown 81/01/24
Sweet Georgia Brown
Jim Browning 36/06/19
Con Bruno
Bobby Bruns 83/01/23 (68)
Jerry Bryant
*August Brylla 33/01/17
*Oswald Buchheim 33/01/22
Mildred Burke Mildred Bliss
Martin "Farmer" Burns 30s (70s)

Babe Caddock
Earl Caddock 50/08/25 (62)
Lance Cade (real name Lance McNaught) 10/08/16 (29) - suspected heart failure
George Cagney Gerard Letarte
Jack Cain
Whitey Caldwell 72/10/07
Bill "Haystack" Calhoun (55)December 7, 1989 Diabetes
Larry Cameron (41) December 13, 1993 Heart Attack
Chris Candido (33) April 28, 2005 Blood Clot after Surgery
Ray Candy (43) May 23, 1994 Heart Attack
George "Crybaby Cannon" McArthur (62) July 1, 1994 Cancer
Bill Canny
Howard Cantonwine
Jack Carkeek
Lord Leslie Carlton Tug Carlson
Primo Carnera 67/06/29
Charlie Carr
Lloyd Carter
Jack Casey 90/07/26
Steve "Crusher" Casey 87/01/10 (78)
Tom Casey 85/05/24
Chris Cash (Christopher Bauman Jr.) (23) August 18, 2005 Motorcycle Accident
Liz Chase (45) February 29, 2000 Died During Surgery
Larry Chene 65/10
Bobby Chick
Edward "Moose" Cholak (72) October 31, 2002 Natural Causes
Ted Christy 76/10* Ted Travis
Angelo Cistoldi
"Iron" Mike Clancy 88
Dennis Clary 55 Vincent Lizdennis
Jack Claybourne
Max Clayton
Sir Dudley Clement 76/04/21
*Fritz Clemens 53/01/23
Ray Clements
Jim Clinstock
Bad News "Brown" Allen Coage (63) March 6, 2007 Heart Attack
El Cobarde 83/02/06
C.B. Cochran
Jim Coffield
Juanita Coffman
Whitey Coldwell 72/10/07
Abe Coleman (101) March 28, 2007 Natural Causes
Roy "Ripper" Collins 91/11/12
Rocky Columbo 64/03/06
Nick Condos 73
Billie Conkie
Tom Connors 39 (77)
Dennis "Tiger" Conway, Sr. (74) November 13, 2006 Massive Stroke
Dennis Coraluzzo (48) July 29, 2001 Stroke
Gordon Corbet 85
Bob Corby
Jack Corcoran
Kevin Corley 92/10 (46)
Hercules Cortez 71/07/23
Al Costello (80) January 22, 2000 Pneumonia
Tony Crawford 92/06
Eddie "The Brain" Creatchman [M](66)March 9, 1994 Heart Attack
Jim Crockett [P] 73/04/01 (64)
Alejandro Cruz "Black Shadow" (82) March 8, 2007 Pneumonia
Fuzzy Cupid 76
Jack Curley 37 Jacob Schmul
Bull Curry 85/03/06 Fred Kouhry Sr.
Mark Curtis (38) September 8, 1999 Stomach Cancer
"King Kong" Emile Czaya 70/05/16

Jack Daro 77/12
"Carnation" Lou Daro 56/07
El Gran Davis 91/11/03
"Krippler" Karl Davis 77/07/04
"Maniac" Mike Davis (46) December 25, 2001 Heart Attack
Johnny Demchuk 62/06/16
Harry Morris Demetral 68/03/03 (69)
Alan Dennison 84/06/27
Adrien Desbois 86
Dean Detton 58/02/23
Mike DiBiase 69/07/02 (45)
Ilio DiPaolo (68) May 10, 1995 Auto Accident
Jack Donovan 40
"Dandy Jack Donovan" (76) November 27, 2004 Construction Site Accident
*Ludwig Dose 69/03/07
Andrew "Bubba" Douglas 86/02/13 (42)
"Catalina" George Drake 67/12/28 Roland Hogg
Chris Duffy (36) August 25, 2000 Seizure
"Red Shoes" Dugan (89) March 26, 2001 Parkinson's Disease
Bobby Duncum Jr. (34) January 24, 2000 Drug Overdose
Ron Dupree 75/10/17 Ralph Batterman
Anthony "Pitbull #2" Durante (36) September 26, 2003 Drug Overdose
Mike "Johnny Grunge" Durham (39) February 16, 2006 sleep apnea
Danny Dusek 82/07/29 Sidney Nabors
Emil Dusek 86/07/09 (81) Emil Hason
Joe Dusek 92/10/31 (81) Joe Hason
Rudy Dusek 71/10/27 (70) Rudy Hason
Jimmy "J.C." Dykes [M] 93/11/20 (67)

Don Eagle 66/03/17 Carl Donald Bell
Ike Eakins 68/10/20
Cal Eaton [P] 66/01/10
*Heinrich Eberle 19/12/22
Billy Edwards 41
*Wolfgang Ehrl 80/06/11
Clarence Eklund 81/01/04
Lillian Ellision "Fabulous Moolah" (84) November 2, 2007 - Complications from surgery
Bruno Erlington 93
Ronnie Etchison 94/03/04 (77)

Ray Fabiani 73
*Heinrich Fahrenholz
"The Original Sheik" Ed Farahat ?? January 18, 2003 Natural Causes
Eddie Fatu (36) December 4, 2009 Apparent Heart Attack
Al Fenn 07/1981
Pat Flanagan 03/29/1985 Winnett Watson
Reid Flair (24) 03/29/2012 unknown
Chad Floyd (Chazz Rocco) (37) December 10, 2005 Heart Failure
J.R. Foley [M] 88
Chief Dave Foxx (44) October 28, 2001 Heart Attack
Frank Frazier 92/05/02
Stan Frazier/Uncle Elmer 92/07/01 (54)
Herb Freeman 66 Herb Schiff
French Angel 54/08/04 Maurice Tillet
*Conrad Fry 80/03
Masakazu Fukada (27) April 19, 2000 Bleeding of the Brain
Dory Funk Sr. 73/06/03 (54)
Hiromichi "Kodo" Fuyuki (42) March 19, 2003 Cancer

George "Scrap Iron" Gadaski 82/12/06 (52) John Kosti
Tony Galento 79/07/22
Ed "Bull" Gantner
Daniel Garcia "Hurricane Ramirez" (80) November 1, 2006 Natural Causes
Chick Garibaldi 61/02/18
Gino Garibaldi 84/12/10
Terry Garvin (60) August 17, 1998 Cancer
"Baron" Ricardo Gattoni 82/04/30
*Hubert Gensheimer 77/03/12
Pinkie George [P] 93/11/01 (89)
Giant Ochiai (30) July 8, 2003 Brain Injury From Training Accident
Eddie Gilbert (33) February 18, 1995 Heart Attack
Johnny Gilbert December 4, 1990 Gilbert Sanchez
Willie Gilzenberg [P] 78/11/15 (77)
Lionel Giroux "Little Beaver" (61) December 4, 1995 Emphysema
Pepper Gomez (77) May 6, 2004 Kidney failure
Ace Gordon 59/01/16 Lou Abrams
Gene Gordon 86
Terry Gordy (40) 7/16/2001 Heart Attack
Soldat Gorky (69) 6/4/1991 real name Walter Allen, AKA John Smith, Cancer
*Hermann Gorner 6/29/1956
Frank Gotch (40) 12/17/1917
Jan Gotch (78) 11/1990
Tarzan Govender 85/06/03
Eddie Graham 85/01/21 (55) Eddie Gossett
Dr. Jerry Graham (58) January 24, 1997 Stroke
"Crazy" Luke Graham (70) June 24, 2006 Heart Failure
Grand Wizard/A. Farouk [M] 83/10/14 (54) Ernie Roth
Rene Guajuardo 92/05/11 (59)
Eddie Guerrero (38) November 13, 2005 Heart Failure
Gory Guerrero April 18, 1990 (69) Unknown
Nick Gulas 91/01/21
Ann Gunkel [P]
Ray Gunkel 72/08/01
Miguel "Blackie" Guzman

Russ Haas (27) December 15, 2001 Heart Failure
George Hackenschmidt 68/02/19 (90)
Jim Hady 68/01/12 (38)
Al Haft
Thor Hagen 82/12/14
Tex Hager
Don "Hard Boiled" Haggerty (78) January 28, 2004 Natural Causes
Emory Hale (36) January 29, 2006 Kidney Failure
Stacy Hall
*Willi Halmann 37/04/10
The Hangman (80) died 2/13/2004, real name John Heath, AKA "Coach" John Heath, Natural Causes
Eric "the Red" Hansen 78/11/09 (34)
Floyd Hansen
Swede Hanson (68) February 20, 2002 Alzheimer's Disease
Larry "Rocky" Hamilton "Missouri Mauler" (45) July 19, 1996 Heart Attack
George Harbin
Dave Harris
Nick Harris
Frankie Hart
Helen Hart (77) November 4, 2001 Organ Failure
Owen Hart (33) May 23, 1999 Accidental Fall
Stu Hart (88) October 16, 2003 Pneumonia
Shinya Hashimoto (40) July 11, 2005 Brain Aneurysm
Ali Hassan
Mitso "Rocky" Hata 91/10/27
Betty Jo Hawkins 87/12/04 (57)
Lord Alfred Hayes (77) July 21, 2005 Stroke
Mike Hegstrand "Road Warrior Hawk" (46) October 19, 2003 Heart Attack
Bull Heffer 84
Roy Heffernan 92/09/24 (67)
Ernest "Dutch" Hefner
James Hellwig The "Ultimate Warrior" 4/9/2014 (54) Heart Attack
Curt Hennig (44) February 10, 2003 Drug Overdose
Lee Henning 77/10/11
*Sebastian Hering 78/02/28
Robert "Hans" Hermann
Gino Hernandez 86/01/30 (29) Charles Wolfe
Hercules Hernandez (45) March 6. 2004 Heart Attack
Luis Hernandez February 1, 1972 real name Lee Garcia
Frank Hester July 27, 1976 Car Accident
Frank "Tarzan" Hewitt
Elizabeth Heulette "Miss Elizabeth"(42) May 1, 2003 Drug Overdose
Herman Hickman 58
Helen Hild
Jimmy Hines 83/05/21
Dwaine Hoberg 84/08/07
Vic Holbrook
Jim Hollie
"Yukon" Eric Holmbeck 65/01/16
Frank Holuban Houlounah Ferectisz
*Kurt Hornfischer 58/02/17
Stephen Howser "Shane Shamrock"(23) August 17, 1998 Shot by Police
Len Hughes 84
Happy Humphrey William J. Cobb
Kazuro Huriguchi
Arman Hussein (73) December 31, 2007, real name Mike Barber
Richard "Dick" Hutton (80) November 24, 2003 Natural Causes
Martin Hutzler 66
Jimmy Hyde, January 1982

Lance Idol 91/09/26 (32) Steve Schumann
Mighty Igor (60's) January 7, 2002 Heart Failure
Sangre India 79/12/25 (23)
Scott Irwin 87/09/05 (37)

*Jaan Jaago 49/08
Irish Jackie
Norton B. Jackson
Don Jardine "The Original Spoiler" (66) December 16, 2006- Complications of Heart Attack and Leukemia
Corsica Jean (71), March, 1992, read name Jean Roy, Shot to death by robbers
Al Jenkins
Tom Jenkins 57 (84)
Big Bad John Bholu Zaman
Gust Johnston
Brother Jonathan Jonathan Heaton
Farmer Jones Paul Jones
Marvin Jones
Rufus Jones 51
"Rufus R. Jones" Carey Lloyd (60) November 13, 1992 Heart Attack
Tom Jones 78/08/30
Chris Jordan

Johhny Kace 92
*Gustl Kaiser 89/05/02
*Peter Kaiser 85/10/25
Gus Kallio
Marlon Kalkai "Tiger Khan" (Mid-30's) June 28, 2006 Unknown
Sergei Kalmikoff
Ivan Kameroff
Hans Kampfer
Chris Kanyon (40), real name Chris Klucsaritis, April 2, 2010, Suicide
Al Karasick
Wally Karbo [P] 93/03/25 (77)
John Karney
Gust Karras [P] 76/01/16
Alex Kasaboski 52
Larry "Babe" Kasaboski
Kasavubu 82/07/27 (26) Jimmie Banks
Abe "King Kong" Kashey 66 (61)
John Katan
Oyama Kato 61/01/09
Cletus Kauffman
Harry Kehoe
Lou Kelly
Pat Kelly 88/07/04
Jack Kennedy 79/07/22
Don "Bulldog" Kent (60) June 7, 1993 Leukemia
Duke Keomuka 91/06/30 (70) Martin Tanaka
*Gerhard Kercher 78/02/11
Matros Kirilenko
Malcolm "King Kong" Kirk 87/08/24
Henry Kirshmeyer
Jack Kiser 91/05/31
Dale Kizer
Lou Klein 79/10/11
*Fritz Kley 83/10/19
Stocky Knielson
Buddy Knox
Fred Kohler [P] 69/08/24 (66)
*Jacob Koch 18/02/18
*Wilson Kohlbrecher 62/09/22
Don Koloff
Nick Kolonis
Marianna Komlos (35) October 4, 2004 Breast Cancer
Joe Kopecky
"Krusher" Al Korman
Karol Krauser/Kalmikoff 64/09 Karol Piwoworczyk
*Helmut Kreisch 51/09/18
Adam Krieger
*Franz Krivinka 55/07/06
"Killer" Karl Krupp (62) October 24, 1995 Heart Attack
*Willi Kuhn 90/06
Bill Kuusisto 73/05 (55)
Erich Kulas "Mass Transit" (22) May 14, 2002 Unknown
Bomber Kulkivitch Henry Kulky
"Jumping" Jack Kusas
Otto Kuss
Kola Kwariani

Ted Labelle
Maurice Lachapelle
Ernie "The Cat" Ladd (68) March 10, 2007 Cancer
Rudy Laditzi 50
Jimmy Lafkas
Lord Patrick Lansdowne
Maurice Lapointe
Jules Larance
Jacques Larose
Tugger Larsen 52
Jean Lasalle
Larry "Moondog Spot"Lathman (51) November 29, 2003 Heart Attack
Bulldog Lawley
Allan "Lord Athol" Layton 84/01/18
Dick Lean
Don "Rocky" Lee 65
Ski Hi Lee Robert Leedy
Pierre "Mad Dog" Lefebvre 85/12/20
Arthur Legrand
George Lenihan George Linnehan
Jimmy Lennon [A] 92/04/20 (79)
Jim Leon
Madero Leon
Antone "Ripper" Leone 94/03
Mephisto Lephanto (31) May 4, 2007 Sudden Heart Attack in the Ring
*Hans Lerche 71/06/11
Martin Levy
Bill Lewis James Whitfield
Dale Lewis (62) August 30, 1997 Leukemia
Ed "Strangler" Lewis 66/08/07 (76) Robert Friedrich
Evan "Strangler" Lewis
Luther Lindsay 72/02/21 (48) Luther Goodall
Eugene "Big Daddy" Lipscombe 63/05/10
Kid Lipton 81/07/26
Reggie Lisowski "The Crusher"(79) October 22, 2005 Natural Causes
Danny Little Bear
Chief Little Eagle
Chief Little Wolf Benny Tenario
Mike "Crash Holly" Lockwood (32) November 6, 2003 Asphyxiation
Jerry London 70 or 71 Jerry Linden
Mike London
Jim Londos 75/08/26
Johnny Long Billy Strong
Bill Longson 82/12/10
Pepe Lopez 76/07/27
Vincent Lopez Vincent Daniels
Bob Lortie
Paul Lortie
Jimmy Lott
Joe Louis 81/04/12
Al Lovelock
Bob Luce (78) February 8, 2007 - Promoter
Clarence "Cowboy" Luttrell 80/03/11 (73)
Joe Lynam 48/09/25 (31)

Sammy Mack
"Jumping" Joey Maggs (37) October 15, 2006 Unknown
Peter Fanene Maivia 82/06/13 (45)
Joe Malcewicz 62/04/20 (65)
"Prof. Boris Malenko" Larry Simon (61) September 1994 Viral Infection
Zack Malkov
Pete Managoff
Ad Mantell 41
Victor Mar "Black Cat" (51) January 28, 2006 Heart Attack
Angel Maravilla
Sid Marcus
Joey Marella (referee) (30) July 4, 1994 Car Accident
Sheik Marella
Plum Mariko (29) August 16, 1997 Brain Aneurysm
Mike Marino 81/08/24 Mike Harrison
Tiger Joe Marsh Joe Marusich
Everett Marshall 72
Tom Marshall
Michel Martel 78/06/30
"Sensational" Sherri Martel June 15, 2007 (49)Unknown
Andrew Martin(33) died 3/13/2009, nicknames "Test", "The Punisher"
Bull Martin 79/07
Tommy Martindale
Angelo Martinelli Stan Wiggins
*Yvar Martinson 75/07/22
Hiro Matsuda (62) November 27, 1999 Cancer
Emile Maupas
Cliff Maupin
Magnificent Maurice 74/01 Gene Dubuque
Bert Maxwell
Moondog Lonnie Mayne 78/08/13 Ronald Mayne
Mike Mazurki 90/12/09 Mikhail Mazurwski
Paul McClary
Robert "Bibber" McCoy 77/03/06
Earl McCready 83/11
Wahoo McDaniel (63) April 18, 2002 Stroke
Jack "Sockeye" McDonald
"Irish" Mike McGee
Pat McGill
Terry McGinnis 52/03/30 Max Martin
Rick McGraw 85
Benny McGuire (54) March 26, 2001 Heart Attack
Billy McGuire 79/07/14 Billy McCreary
Leroy McGuirk 88
Tom McHoney
Pat McKay
Don McIntyre 89/11/30
Gordon McKinley 58/01/18 Jack Everhart
John H. McLaughlin
Ed McLemore [P] 69
Dan McLeod
Jess McMahon [P]
Vincent McMahon [P] 84/05/27
Jim McMillan
Lance McNaught - see Lance Cade
Danny McShain 92/07/16
Alex Medina 73/04/20 (32)
Sam Menacker 94/01/07 (79) Frank Menacker
Ray Mendoza (73) April 17, 2003 Natural Causes
Jules Mephisto
Ivan Mikoloff
Dr. Bill Miller (69) March 24, 1997 Heart Attack
Freddie Miller [A] 92/11/25 (63)
Jerry "Duke" Miller died in 1976, Car Accident
Ray Miller
Rudy Miller 82/01/21
William Miller
Joe Millich
Al Mills
Tiny Mills
John Minton "Big John Studd" (46) March 20, 1995 Hodgkin's Disease
Art Mitchell 65/08/18
Jim Mitchell
*Paul Mobus 71/03/16
Sammy "Steamboat" Mokuahi (71) May 4, 2006 Complications from Alzheimer's and diabetes
Joseph "Toots" Mondt 76/06/11
Ralph Mondt
Sputnik Monroe (77) November 2, 2006 Natural Causes
Bull Montana 50/01/24 Luigi Montagna
Lenny "Bull" Montana 92/05/30 Lenny Passofaro
Joe Moore
Larry Moquin
Juan "Chico" Morales 80/09/07
Sailor MoranRobert Otto Morella "Gorilla Monsoon" (62) October 6, 1999 Heart Illness
Baron Michele Leone Mike Morelli
Tony Morelli
Alexander Munoz Moreno "The Blue Demon" (78) December 16, 2000 Heart Attack
Tank Morgan 91/08 Paul McManus
Clara Mortenson
*Bruno Mosig 64/01/20
Mr. Moto 91/07/06 (71) Charlie Iwamoto
*Franz Mrna 63/08/28
William Muldoon 33 (87)
*Willi Muller 75/09/24
Wayne Munn
Dick Murdoch (49) June 15, 1996 Heart Attack
Frankie Murdoch
James Murdoch 80/08/08
Joe Murnick
Dr. John "Drop Kick" Murphy 78
John "Skull" Murphy 70/03/23
Pat Murphy 85
Bob Murray
Don Murray
Farmer Murray
Sam Mushnick (93) December 31, 1998 Internal Bleeding
Sonny Myers (83) May 5, 2007 Natural Causes

Ted Nathi
Bronko Nagurski (81)90/01/07
Tsunemitsu Naoi 93/01/08
*Emil Naucke 00/01/25
Mike Nazarian
David Eugene Neill 80/01/15
Art Neilson 83/10/20 Art Nelson
Jan Nelson
Steve Nenoff
Leo Newman 92/08
Hugh Nichols
Jesus Alverado Nieves "Brazo de Oro" (34) October 26, 1993 Brain Aneurysm
Leo Nomellini (76) October 17, 2000 Stroke
Nouroulah the Terrible Turk

Buddy O'Brien
Jack O'Brien 82/09/14
Pat O'Connor 90/08/15 (66)
Larry O'Day (53) June 30, 1997 Liver Cancer
Danno O'Mahoney 50/11/04 (37)
Marty O'Neill 83/02/07 (74)
Edward Athol Oakley
Victor Ochoa
Kintaro Oki "Kim Il" (77) October 26, 2006 Natural Causes
Oklahoma Kid 68 (29) Elmer Gearlds
Motoshi Okuma 92/12/27 (51)
Phil Olafson
Milt Olsen
Neal "Swede" Olson
*Franz Orlik 81/06/04
Oro 93/10/26 (21) Javier Hernandez
Jess Ortega 77/07/28 Jesse Leone
Bob Orton Sr. (76) July 14, 2006 Heart Attack
Elton Owen [P] 93/12/31 (78)
Herb Owen

Tom Packs [P] Anthanasios Pakiotis
Eddie Palau 94/01/01 (81)
Max Palmer 84
Louis Papineau 64/03/07
Zoltan Papp 86/11/07 Samuel Popescu
Joe Parelli
Tony Parisi (58) August 18, 2000 Heart Attack
Sailor Allen Parker
Cliff Parker
Herb Parks
Ali Pasha Assas Batros
Steve Passes
Ronnie Paul 75/08
Joe Pazandak 84
Antonio Peña(Mexican Promoter) (57) October 6, 2006 Heart Attack
George Pencheff
Nat Pendleton
Jim Pennick
Edouardo Perez
Jack Pesek
John Pesek (84)78/03/12
Dave "D.J." Peterson(33) 93/05/25
Jeff Peterson (22) November 29, 2002 Cancer
Scott Peterson (31)94/07/25
Tommy Peterson
Ted Petty "Rocco Rock" (49) September 21, 2002 Heart Attack
Jack Pfefer 74
Bholu Phelwan
Gogo Phelwan
Roberto Pico
*Antonio Pierri 12/08/20
Brian Pillman (35) October 5, 1997 Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease
*Leo Pinezki 49/06/26
Danny Plechas 84/02*
Marin Plestina
Lou Plummer
*Ivan Poddubny 49/08/10 (78)
Gorilla Poggi
*Georg Pohlsen 50/06/03
Karl Pojello 54/10 or 54/08
Eddie Pope
Sam Price

Eddie Quinn [P] 65
Victor Quinones (46) April 2, 2006 Natural Causes

Dick Raines 79/20/18
Paco Ramirez 84
Apache Bull Ramos (71) May 27, 2006 Complications of Shoulder Infection and Diabetes
Gorilla Ramos
Ivan Rasputin Hyman Fishman
Billy Rayburn
Billy Red Cloud 81/10
Billy Redwood (28) July 3, 2004 Auto Accident
Robin Reed
Milton Reid
Tom Renesto "Assassin #1" (72) April 25, 2000 Heart Failure
Jack Reno [P] 54
Charlie Renthorpe
Jack Reynolds
Charles Rigolot
Rikidozan 63/12/15
Billy Riley 77/09
Tex Riley 64 (48)
Sylvester Ritter "Junkyard Dog" (45) June 1, 1998 Auto Accident
Alex "Big Dick Dudley" Rizzo (34) May 16, 2002 Unknown
Pat "Bomber" Roach (67) July 17, 2004 Cancer
Maurice Robert
Yvon Robert 71/07/13
Lucky Roberts
Antonino Rocca 77/03/15 (54) Antonino Biasetton
Dory Roche
Elario Ringo Rodriguez 81/03/13
Ernest Roeber 43 (82)
"Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers 92/06/26 (71) Herman Rohde
"Yankee" Joe Rogers
Strong Rogers
Tom Rolewicz 65/08/07
Benjamin F. Roller
Mike Romano 36
Billy Romanoff
Jose Luis Romero 92/04/27
Ricky Romero (74) January 16, 2006 Complications of Diabetes
Black Jack Ross 54
G.M. Ross
Mile High Ross
Johnny Rougeau 83/05/28
Andre "the Giant" Rousimoff 93/01/27 Heart Failure from congenitive condition
Nelson Royal (70) February 2, 2002 Heart Attack
Martin Ruane "Giant Haystacks" (55) November 30, 1998 Stomach Cancer
Bert Ruby 67
Rick Rude (41) April 20, 1999 Heart Attack
Jackie Ruffen 82/06/19
Les Ruffin 90/12
Dave Ruhl
Tony Rumble (43) November 13, 1999 Heart Attack
Jack Rush 54 William Rush
Bob Russell 84
Brother Russell Frank Jares
Jack Russell
Paddy Ryan

Takashi Saito "Tokitaizan" (17) 6/26/2007 - Beaten to death
Billy Sandow [P]
Ad Santel Adolph Ernst
El Santo 02/05/84
Tony Santos Sr.
Karl "Doc Sarpolis" (69) 5/28/1967, Heart Attack
Jackie Sato (41) 8/9/1999 Stomach Cancer
*Rudi Saturski 08/08/75
Osley "Chief" Saunooke
Whiskers Savage (67) Eddie Civil
Randy "Macho Man" Savage, 5/20/2011 (58) Randy Poffo, Heart Attack/Car Accident
"Jumping" Joe Savoldi 01/25/74
Buzz Sawyer 02/07/92 (32) Bruce Woyan
Duke Scarbo
Frank Scarpa 69/01/25 (53)
*Benno Schaaf-Korner 53/02/06
Julius Schiller
Gus Schoenlein
Hans Schnable Jake Moehler
Dutch Schultz
Hans Schultz
*Hans Schwartz Sr. 60/01/28
*Hans Schwartz Jr. 83/10
Ray Schwartz John Emerling
Johnny Seamon [R] 40
Don Sebastian
Juan Sebastian Juan Hernandez
*Max Seibt 70/04/02
August Sepp
Frank Sexton 67
But Ben Shalum
Bobby Shane (39), died 2/20/1975, real name Bob Schoenberger, Plane Crash
Mike Sharpe
Mickey Sharpe 65/07/10
Johnny Shaw
Sam Sheppard
Jack Sherry
Dick Shikat
*Mustafa Shikhane 81/07/18
Oki Shikina 83/12/15
Joe Shimkus
Roy Shire 92/10/01 (71)
Julius Sigel 42
Morris Sigel [P] 66/12/26
Ralph "Ruffy" Silverstein 80/04/05
John Silvi 90/12
*Hermann Simon 87/04/07
George Simpson
Johinder Singh
Nanjo Singh
Rhonda Singh (Bertha Faye) (40) July 27, 2001 Unknown
Arnold Skaaland (82) March 13, 2007 Natural Causes
Al Smith 57
"British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith (39) May 17, 2002 Heart Attack
Rocky Smith
Elvira Snodgrass
Wilbur Snyder 91/12/25
Gordon Solie (71) July 27, 2000 Cancer
"Klondike" Bill Soloweyko (68) October 3, 2000 Bulbar Palsy
El Solitario 86/04/06
Haro Sonada
Pak Song 82 Pak Song Nam
Gus Sonnenberg 44/09/11
*Matsado Sorakichi 1892/08/15
Masami Soranaka 92/06 (48)
Lou Spandle
Frank Spears
Louie Spiccoli (27) February 15, 1998 Drug Overdose
The Spoiler (56) June 20, 1998 Heart Failure
*Wilhelm Stalling 34/08/11
Stan Stasiak (60) June 12, 1997 Heart Failure
Dennis Stecher
Joe Stecher 74/03/29 (80)
Tony Stecher
Jack Stelle
Ray Steele 49 (49) Peter Sauer
Sammy Stein 66
Harry "Milo" Steinborn" (95)February 9, 1989
Hans Steinke (78) June 6, 1971
Ray Stevens (60) May 3, 1996 Heart Attack
Charley Strack
Walter Stratton
Steve Strelish
Shirley Strimple 89
Marvin Strohado
Ben Strong 67
Jules Strongbow [P] 75/05/13
Rudy Strongburg
*Albert Sturm 46/12/24
Jeremy Sumpter "Big E Sleaze" (22) October 26, 1997 Suicide
Freddie Sweetan 74/07 Fred Prossner
Ken Sweetan 81/07/25
Jeep Swenson (40) August 19, 1997 Heart Attack
"Suni War Cloud" Joseph Vance Chorre, 1987, heart attack
Neil Superior (33) August 23, 1996 Heart Attack
Yukio Suzuki 91/05/24
Sandor Szabo 66/10/13 Peter Sandor
Tibor Szakacs 81/10/05

Veto Tallarita 84
Wladyslaw Talun 81
Toru Tanaka (70) August 22, 2000 Natural Causes
Chris Taylor 79/06/30
Guy Taylor
Jack Taylor
Mark Tendler
John "Earthquake" Tenta (42) June 7, 2006 Bladder Cancer
"Judo" Jack Terry
“The Terrible Turk” Yusuf Ismail(41) July 4, 1889 Drowned
Lou Thesz (86) April 28, 2002 Natural Causes
Val Thieson
Billy Thom
"Sailor" Art Thomas (79) March 20, 2003 Cancer
James "Shag" Thomas 82/07/25
Jim Thorpe
Major Tom Thumb 81
Chief Thunderbird Baptiste Thomas
Chief Thundermountain 91/08 David Moser
Ted Thye
Ken Timbs (53) August 1, 2004 Heart Failure
Great Togo 73/12/17 Tio Taylor
Tosh Togo 82/07/29 (62) Harold Sakata
Chris Tolos (75) August 13, 2005 Natural Causes
Tiger Joe Tomasso 88 Robert Tomasso
*Feodor Tornow 74/09/15
Bill Torontos 81/09/24
Alberto Torres 71/06/17
Ramon Torres
Curtis Towe 92/01
Frank Townsend 68/05/15 or 65/05/15
George Trahas
*Paul Trappen 57/02/23
Billy Joe Travis (40) November 22, 2002 Heart Attack
Ray "Big Boss Man" Traylor (42) September 22, 2004 Heart Attack
Eugene Tremblay
*Benedikt Trinkgeld 59/12/29
Ron Trongaurd (AWA Announcer) (72) June 17, 2005 Liver Cancer
Tomomi "Jumbo" Tsuruta (49) May 16, 2000 Internal Bleeding
Al Tucker
Jerry "The Wall/Malice" Tuite (36) December 5, 2003 Heart Attack
Frank Tunney [P] 83/05/10
Jack Tunney (Former WWE President) (68) January 24, 2004 Natural Causes
Gerry Turrene
Tarzan Tyler 85/12/20 Lauren Touville

Charlie Underhill
"The Ultimate Warrior" - See James Hellwig
"Umaga" - See Eddie Fatu

Vivian Vachon 91/08/24
Gino "Red" Vagnone
Johnny Valentine (73) April 24, 2001 Natural Causes
Jack Van Babber
Jack Van Behan
Tromp Van Diggelin
Count Joseph Varga
Edwin Vargas
Count Antonio Verdi 92/01/08 (81) Alfred DeBenedetti
The Viking 81/10/03 Bob Morse
Vic Vincent
Ed Virag 51
"Chris Von Erich" Chris Adkisson (21) September 9, 1991 Suicide
"David Von Erich" David Adkisson (25) February 10, 1984 Enteritis
"Fritz Von Erich" Jack Adkisson (68) September 10, 1997 Cancer
"Kerry Von Erich" Kerry Adkisson (32) February 18, 1993 Suicide
"Mike Von Erich" Mike Adkisson (23) April 4, 1987 Suicide
Ladislaus Von Heczey
Kurt Von Hess (65) March 13, 1999 Heart Attack
Karl Von Stroheim (78) August 8, 2006 Heart Attack
Leo Voss

Clarence "Whitey" Wahlberg
Dr. Wagner Sr. (68) September 12, 2004 Heart Attack
Gorgeous George Wagner 63/12/26 (48)
Chet Wallick 64/03
Leo Wallick
Chief War Eagle 79/08/27
Fred Ward [P] 92/05/07 (76)
Whipper Billy Watson 90/02/04 (74) Bill Potts
Ralph "Buck" Weaver 56/07 (55)
*Heinrich Weber 39/12/11
Billy Weidner
"Gentleman" Saul Weingeroff 88
Roy Welch 77
Alan Wendt 78
Jack Wentworth 84 (77) Alfred Hodgson
*Harry Wenzel 66/11/20
Jesse Westegard
*Paul Westergaard-Schmidt 66/05/21
*Herbert Westphal 89/03/13
"Pistol" Pez Whatley (54) January 18, 2005 Heart Failure
Ed "Sailor" White (Moondog King) (56) August 25, 2005 Unknown
The Wildman 88/07/04 Dave McKigney
Bearcat Wilkerson
Al Williams
Cy Williams
Eddie Williams
Frankie Williams 91/05 Raymond Purejara
Rick Williams "The Renegade" (23) February 23, 1999 Suicide
Paul Winkhaus
Red Wolf John Grandovich
Billy Wolfe 63/03/07 or 61
Buddy Wolfe
Jeanette Wolfe 51
Johnny Woods
Jerry Woods
"Mr. Wrestling" Tim Woods ?? November 30, 2002 Heart Attack
Edward "Bearcat" Wright 82/08/28 (50)
Bill Wright
Jim Wright 63/08/02
Juanita Wright "Sapphire" (61) September 10, 1996 Heart Attack
Rube Wright
Lee Wycoff

Mr. X 72/08/14 Doug Scoggins

Tojo Yamamoto 92/02/19 Harold Watanabe
Tor Yamato 60/12/11 Toyoki Uyeda
Shinichi "Chatti" Yokouchi 82/12/15
"The Sarge" Donnie York Sr. (50) May 25, 1999 Diabetes
Isao Yoshihara 85/06/10
James Hoagie Young 85/01/22
Jay Youngblood 85/09/03 Steve Romero
Yukon Eric, died 1/16/1965, real name Eric Holmback, Suicide

George Zaharias 84/05/22 George Vetoyanis
Tom Zaharias
Ivan Zaiken
Firpo Zbyszko
Stanislaus Zbyszko 69/09/23 (88) Stan Cyganiewicz
Wladek Zbyszko 68/06/10 Wladek Cyganiewicz
Vanka Zelezniak
Ben Zersn 83/01/22
*Bruno Zimmerman 91/02/16
Bill Zimmovitch
Stan Zonishi

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Anonymous said...

Harold Watanabe, "Tojo Yamamoto" took his own life after being diagnosed with an incurable disease. I worked security at many of his matches in Mid_south Wrestling events. He was a very good man and fun to be around. He was a "heel" that enjoyed his work. He loved the fans

Anonymous said...

Chris Benoit died on June(06) 24th 2007 not July(07) 24th 2007

Anonymous said...

Thank you, the date has been corrected.

Grott said...

Your "list" of dead wrestlers is not completely accurate- my father, Larry Grattenthaler AKA "Kurt von Stroheim" is very much alive and living here in Indiana. My father is listed correctly in the crow bar press books, and those are HIS photos, not the man you have listed as "Kurt von Stroheim". Please correct this on your list- thank you.

NYHolly said...

Please correct the data regarding my father Joseph Vance "Suni" Chorre (Suni War Cloud. He passed away in 1987 from a heart attack. Thank you.

Dean said...

Hi Holly,

Your father's entry has been corrected. Thank you for letting us know it was incorrect.

Dean said...


Your father's entry was also corrected in December when you posted. Thank you.

Rick said...

Karl Doc Sarpolis is said to have died of a heart attack after a boating accident in 1976

Mad Dog said...

I don't see the wrestler
Gilles "Le Fish" Poisson.
He died in the car accident which also took the life of Tarzan Taylor and a referee.

rjrper said...

Great site! You may wish to include the greatest wrestling promoter in the Midwest from the 60's to the 80's. Bob Luce died of natural causes on 02-08-07 at the age of 78.
-Bob R.

stephen edward smith said...

hey i have got an new pro wrestler that has died in tampa florida i live in florida too anyway his name was andrew martin also
known as simply test he was known as test o.k.a.y.
it happened at apartements
in florida on friday march 13th of 2009

Dean Dooley said...

Thank you for the Gilles "Le Fish" Poisson tip, but his real name was Charles Berger and he is still alive.

Thank you to everyone for the updates, I try to double check any leads and add them to the list as I have time. Keep it up, there are so many wrestling greats out there!

Mad Dog said...

DEAN DOOLEY you are correct sorry.

Tarzan Tyler died, along with fellow wrestler Pierre 'Mad Dog' Lefebvre and referee Adrien Desbois, in Laurentides Provincial Park upon returning from a wrestling event in Chicoutimi, Quebec on December 24, 1985, in a car crash.
Why as a kid was I told that the fish had died...I cried can be cruel or was it my older sister Hmm?

do not have one said...

do you know when jesse james and lucky sommonovich died, they were here in australia in the 50s

Anonymous said...

To the person from Australia, Jesse James passed away about 8 or 9 yrs ago here in Charlotte, NC from natural causes. Iwent to the funeral services.
The cause of death for Frank Hester and Sam Bass were both killed in a car wreck 7-27-1976.
Corsica Jean (Real name Jean Roy) was shot to death during a robbery at his bar in Tampa, Fla. in march 1992.
Jerry "Duke" Miller who passed away in 1976 was killed in a car wreck on his way back to Tampa from wrestling in another town.
Bobby Shane was killed in a small plane crash when trying to land at a small air-strip on Davis Island in Tampa. Buddy Colt was the pilot. They went down in the water short of the air-strip. Buddy Colt and 2 other wrestlers survived but Bobby Shane didn't. This was 2-20-1975.
Soldat Gorky (Real name: Walter Allen)passed away from a long time fight with cancer. Soldat Gorky was the name he used in the northwest, ut better known as John "Wolfman" Smith. Way back in the 50's he was very well-known and won a lot of championships as John and Al Smith (The Smith Brothers). I know all this because I knew all these guys. I was married to Walter Allen for 14 years before he passed away.
Hope this info helps you in adding to your list.
Best of Luck,

Anonymous said...

What about cpt lou albano

Dan said...

How about Yukon Eric? He died in 1965..

Mary said...

My father wrestled in the 50's, 60's and early 70's as the Hangman, and then under his name "Coach John Heath", mostly in the State of Florida for the NWA. He then promoted wrestling here in the area. He passed away due to natural causes on 2/13/2004

Dean Dooley said...

Thank you for all of the tips. I have updated the list and tried to include other wrestlers who passed away since the last update.

If I missed anyone, of you have additional information, please post in the comments and I'll update the list as time allows.

Sharon said...

Gordon McKinley was actually his real name. He filled in for Jack Everhart. He has been listed on other websites as Lenny Montana Passofaro also. He died during the actual fight on 1/18/58. I am trying to find any information about him because he was my father and died when I was only 5 mo old.

Snukka said...

Gilles "The Fish" Poisson's real name is NOT Charles Berger. It's Gilles Poisson.

I'm his cousin's grandson and i'm trying to rectify this mistake all over the web (who is this Charles Berger anyway?)

Thank you..

Mario Levesque
Grandson of Lucienne Poisson, cousin of Gilles Poisson

Anonymous said...

Tojo tamamoto was not always a heel. Sometimes he was very "face".

dead wrestlers said...

This is list is amazing. When is congress going to demand in inquiry into the recent wrestler deaths?

Anonymous said...

What ever happen to ammond whosane the westler

Dean Dooley said...

Arman Hussein (sometimes Armand, aka Hussein the Barber), passed away on December 31, 2007 at 73 years old in a nursing home. His real name was Mike Barber.