Wednesday, August 8, 2007

31 Year Old Aussie Man Wins Vacation Then Mysteriously Dies On Cruise Ship

A 31 year old man from Sydney, Australia was found dead on a South Pacific cruise ship on Tuesday. The man had won the vacation package from a radio station and was traveling on the Pacific Sun liner with his family. There is no word yet on a cause of death. A P&O Cruise Line spokesperson said there is no reason to believe any suspicious circumstances in the death, however, Australian authorities are treating the ship as a crime scene.

In 2002 a woman named Dianne Brimble was found dead on another P&O cruise ship, Pacific Sky. The 42 year old mother of three was found dead in a cabin shared by four men and was reportedly drugged and gang raped. Authorities are just now recommending charges against two men for Brimble's death.