Thursday, August 9, 2007

Girl Dies Of Brain Tumor After Doctor Tells Her 'Headaches Are Just Stress'

A woman who had complained to her doctor of severe headaches for almost a year collapsed and died of an undiagnosed brain tumor. Jennifer Bell, 22, had been told she was suffering from stress but after months of illness had finally been referred to a neurologist. But on July 3 last year- only three days before her appointment, she collapsed at home and died soon after.

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Anonymous said...

I feel terrible. I had headaches and fatigue for several months and pushed it off as stress too. I finally went to neurologist and was diagnosed with a grade iv brain tumor. I never would have thought that. I thought it was stress allergies, whatever. Now im doing well after surgeries, chemo, etc. I created a website to raise awareness and help fund the cure for cancer check it out