Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bulls, Lakers Agree To Kobe Bryant Trade

According to Dan Bernstein of WSCR the Score, a Chicago-based sports-talk radio station, the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers have agreed in principle to a trade of Kobe Bryant.

The deal would involve 3 teams, the Bulls, Lakers, and Sacramento Kings. Kirk Hinrich from Chicago and Ron Artest from Sacramento would head to L.A., and Bryant would go to Chicago. The other players that would be involved are unknown at this point.

The deal hinges on Kobe Bryant's approval, and he has claimed before that he would not approve any trade that would gut the Bulls and hurt his chances of winning a championship in Chicago.

Bulls players rumored in the past to be part of a possible trade include Ben Gordon and Luol Deng. The Score claims Deng is not a part of the trade, according to their sources. The Bulls do not want to give up Hinrich, but the Lakers have demanded him in any Bryant trade.

Bryant has two seasons remaining on his current contract and may have a window of 48-72 hours to work out a contract extension with the Bulls and formally approve the trade.

For breaking news on this story as it unfolds, click here to listen to the Score live on the web. (the listen live link is on the left side of the front page)


Jamie said...

This isnt official, just from a radio station..

breatnyS said...

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