Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bush and Rice Give Blackwater Murderers Immunity

Those arrogant bastards. George W. Bush is at it again, flaunting his kingship in everyone's face.

Bush's White House begrudgingly told the State Department to look into Iraq's charges that Blackwater employees opened fire on unarmed Iraqi civilians on September 16th, murdering 17 people.

Bush wanted it all to go away with a wave of his hand, like all of the other complaints Iraqi officials have made about Blackwater employees killing Iraqi's. This time Iraq forced Bush's hand by attempting to kick Blackwater out of the country.

Bush sicked Condoleeza Rice on the Iraqi's and attempted to work out a settlement, i.e. shut up. Part of that agreement was to have the FBI fly investigators to Iraq and conduct a formal investigation into what actually happened. Now word comes from the FBI that the State Department, run by one Condoleeza Rice, who reports directly to George W. Bush, gave full immunity to the Blackwater employees accused of murdering 17 people.

Since the shootings occurred we have found out the State Department has swept under the rug other murders of Iraqi's by Blackwater employees. It seems Blackwater is a pet of our corrupt President, and a loving pet at that.

FBI officials can still interview the Blackwater guards, but they are not likely to co-operate with the FBI. Iraq still wants to prosecute the guards there, but Blackwater CEO Erik Prince said on the record that he won't let his murdering employees be prosecuted. Fascinating that a civilian can tell authorities who they are and aren't allowed to prosecute.

There's an easy solution to all of this. Round up Erik Prince and the guards, ship them to Iraq and try them all for murder, accessory to murder, etc. Then round up George W. Bush and Condoleeza Rice, and any other officials that were in on granting immunity to these scumbags, and make a citizens arrest on the charges of treason. Don't worry about impeaching any of these clowns anymore, that's such a minor slap on the wrist. They are blatantly murdering people in broad daylight and getting away with it. There has to be a legal remedy. If a United States citizen has the right to make a citizen's arrest, then why not use it on corrupt officials? No matter who sits in the chair of the President of the United States, they are not above the law. And neither are their thugs in Iraq.