Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Carlos Mencia Stealing Material? All of the Evidence

There's been a lot of accusations of Carlos Mencia stealing material from other comedians. Thankfully, not only have other comedians stepped up with evidence, but tireless internet junkies have also scoured the pages of history for more proof. See for yourself and decide.

Carlos Mencia and Bill Cosby:

Carlos Mencia and Sam Kinnison:

Carlos Mencia and The State:

Carlos Mencia and Ari Shaffir:

For anyone who wants to cut Mencia some slack on this one, watch the next video, Ari Shaffir confronts Mencia for stealing this joke...

Joe Rogan and Ari Shaffir Confront Carlos Mencia on Stage:

Standup Comic Darren Frost and others Complain About Mencia Stealing Material:

Carlos Mencia and Erik Martinez-Westley:

There are too many similarities in all of these to be mere coincidence. When people in Mencia's profession are going on television and radio to complain over and over that he is stealing their material, something is not right.

Carlos Mencia, you are an ICKY PERSON.



Anonymous said...

Carlos Mencia... don't steal material from other comedians SOOOPID!!! DUH DUH DAH!!!

Anonymous said...

OK i looked at each one of those videos. I don't think Mencia does...even if he did, he delivered it a hell of a lot better. First video as an example, I didn't even smirk when he did it, just kept rambling, then Mencia said his bit and I started laughing 1/2 half through. And every comedian steals a little here and a little there from where ever they can. If Mencia did do it, then he didn't do it as good as others did. Some people just re-vamp the news or a commercial. I think I even heard one comedian said that he didn't take anything from the news but that same story was on about 3 weeks before him recording his special. If he makes you laugh then shut-up and laugh, if not then shut-up and change the channel! Hell, right now im watch a Lopez special, he took the "BFF Jill" commercial and stretched it and funny. Mencia may have some similar stuff but people only notice it more from him because people say it about him, so people look deeper, I could say that Lopez steals, doesn't mean he does but it would make you think about his act more and your mind would sub-consciously look for copies from other acts.