Friday, December 7, 2007

Ron Paul at Google Candidates@Google Interview

Ron Paul at Candidates@Google interview from this summer. Great video, the Google host says Ron Paul received the most interest of any of the candidates.

The interview is from July, and it's just over an hour long, featuring the best profile of Ron Paul I've seen. We hear his opinion and stance on far more issues than in any other interview, and he isn't interrupted every 3 seconds by Joy Behar, so he can actually give complete answers. He freely discusses what government departments he would get rid of and names names.

The final twenty minutes of the interview features uncensored questions from the audience, a very refreshing approach from what Ron Paul and his fellow reformer Dennis Kucinich get everywhere else.

You might be in the same boat I am, I do not agree with him on several of his issues, but there is no candidate I agree with 100%. There never will be unless I run for president, and then I'm sure you wouldn't agree with me 100%. The bottom line with any candidate for any office is that you try and find the one you agree with the most, especially on the issues you find most important.

For myself, I agree with his stance on bringing the troops home, balancing the budget and getting rid of the Federal Reserve, stop pretending we are the world police, restoring personal rights and following the Constitution, having the smallest government possible, stop the government from controlling our lives through regulations and taxes, stop allowing the government to give special rights and tax breaks to corporations, just to name a few.

I don't agree with his full stance on gun rights, and I need to know more about his ideas that consumer groups will step in and be a more efficient watchdog than several government agencies, again, to name a few.

This is a fascinating interview, I just let it play in the background while I worked and could still keep up with the discussion. Enjoy!

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