Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ad in USA Today: America Not Made Safer by Weakening the Constitution

Amnesty International has placed a full page ad in the USA denouncing the weakening of the Constitution, specifically to legally torture prisoners. Click on the picture to read it.

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Congressman Accuses Bush of Deriving ‘Amusement’ from American War Dead

This is awesome, in congressional testimony while trying to overturn the Bush veto on children's health care reform, Rep. Pete Stark took several shots at President Bush and Republicans who sided with Bush claiming the country could not afford health care for children, "You (Republicans) don't have money to fund the war or children (health care). But you're going to spend it to blow up innocent people if we can get enough kids to grow old enough for you to send to Iraq to get their heads blown off for the President's amusement."

Stark wasn't done, adding, "President Bush's statements about children's health shouldn't be taken anymore seriously than his lies about the war in Iraq. The truth is, Bush just likes to blow things up, in Iraq, in the United States, and in Congress."

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Sheriff tries to silence critics by issuing subpoenas to local papers

In a breathtaking abuse of the United States Constitution, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, and special prosecutor Dennis Wilenchik used the grand jury to subpoena "all documents related to articles and other content published by Phoenix New Times newspaper in print and on the website about the Sheriff.

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Surprise! Cheney Fingered As Source of Fake North Korean, Syrian Threats

“The allegations that North Korea was helping to build a nuclear reactor have not been substantiated by US intelligence,” claims an intelligence official, adding, “ but that hasn't stopped Dick Cheney and his minions at the NSC, Eliot Abrams and Steve Hadley, from leaking the information, which appears to be misleading in the extreme."

Now they are at work planting false stories about Syria's evil intentions. I would bet a good portion of the stories we've heard about Iran over the past year was their work as well.

Tell me, who are the real evil ones? Sure, Syria and Iran aren't great countries, and do a lot of crap. They are nasty countries with assholes for leaders who teach racist hate mongering. But the constant crying wolf and attempts to lead us into war after war is really old. Not only that, I'm sure on several levels it's illegal under our Constitution. Not that the Constitution actually means anything to this group of criminals.

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Why Are We Paying $89 A Barrel for Oil? (Answer: It's Not What You Think)

It's just not "Middle East tensions" or demand from China or India or speculators--it's that the U.S. dollar has fallen as a direct result of Bush's policies, namely runaway spending on the war and massive tax cuts to the rich. The proof is that Europeans effectively only pay $60 a barrel. With a chart to prove it.

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The President is Now Throwing the Words World War III Around.

President Bush warned in his Wednesday press conference against allowing Iran to acquire nuclear know-how, saying, "If you're interested in avoiding World War III, it seems like you ought to be interested in preventing them from having the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon,"

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bathroom Mirror Prank

The mirror in this public bathroom has been replaced with regular glass - and identical twins to really throw people for a curve.

Death Cab For Cutie Guitarist's Album Seized By Homeland Security

Government snatched up hard drive containing files for Chris Walla's solo LP.

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Why Giuliani Is the Scariest Possible Candidate

Giuliani's foreign policy team is made up of "all the guys who were too nuts or too extreme to make the cut with George W. Bush". Beautiful. And because the Democrats can't come up with a legitimate candidate again, Giuliani could actually get in. If you believe there is such a thing as a fair election, anyway.

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Blackwater CEO Refuses To Abide By Laws

Defiant Blackwater CEO Erik Prince says he won't let contractors be tried in 'faulty' Iraq justice system. Prince said his employees are merely protecting themselves when they kill and maim innocent Iraqi citizens, and that Blackwater employees are above the law and cannot be held accountable for murder.

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Bush Jokes, "I Might Stay In Office Longer"

From the QA: "Mr. President, following up on Vladimir Putin for a moment, he said recently that next year, when he has to step down according to the constitution, as the president, he may become prime minister; in effect keeping power and dashing any hopes for a genuine democratic transition there." "I've been planning that myself."

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Co-defendant: O.J. wanted men armed

O.J. Simpson wanted armed men with him when he confronted two sports memorabilia dealers, according to a co-defendant who has agreed to plead guilty and testify against the former football star. "O.J. said, 'Hey, just bring some firearms,"' Walter Alexander told police, "so that these people know that, you know, we're here for business."

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Attorney General Nominee Mukasey Compares U.S. Torture to Nazi Tactics

When Sen. Dick Durbin said something similar two years ago, Republicans attacked him. Now, Bush's own Republican appointee ripped the White House for their practicing torture. Mukaskey said we didn't fight WWII to stop the Nazi's torture and killing of Jews and others so "we could then duplicate it ourselves." Bravo, Mr. Mukaskey, bravo.

Hey, Mr. Mukaskey, one last thing...if you are approved at Attorney General how about arresting Bush and Cheney on your first day for all of the crimes they have committed? War crimes, corruption, illegally spying on U.S. citizens, illegal dumping and pollution, treason, etc., etc.

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Bush Warns of World War III if Iran Goes Nuclear

US President George W. Bush said Wednesday that he had warned world leaders they must prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons "if you're interested in avoiding World War III."

Bush then announced a new policy, "Escape From Scorched Earth," where thousands of attractive women would be moved into underground caves in the U.S., along with a small handful of male Republican politicians, just before Bush launches a nuclear strike on Iran.

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Vomiting in Public Could Cost Canadian Residents $300

Vomiting in public would be punishable by a $300 fine in St. Catharine's, Ontario, under a proposed bylaw. It would be part of a new nuisance bylaw which students at Brock University say is aimed at them. Spitting, fighting and vomiting in public would be punishable by a $300 fine.

Fornicating and defecating in public would still be free.

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Obama and Cheney are Cousins

Darth Cheney's wife, Lynne Cheney, said she discovered her Republican husband and the Democratic hopeful Barack Obama were eighth cousins while researching a book on her family's history. Scary stuff. It's also fascinating that this story is being covered by al Jazeera!

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Outed: Comcast Charges $1k for Wiretap

The government got companies to wiretap phone lines for a thousand bucks a pop. cost $750 to continue it each month!! Before you think, "gee, the government is really getting ripped," realize that you are actually the ones paying Comcast to illegally spy on yourselves. Great deal, eh?

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Phone Companies Refuse to Provide Data on Spy Program

Three of the largest U.S. telephone companies declined to answer lawmakers' questions about Bush administration efforts to spy on Americans' phone calls and e-mails, saying the government forbade them from doing so.

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Gore Says No Plans to Run for President

Former Vice President Al Gore said that he has no plan to join the U.S. presidential race even after winning the Nobel Peace Prize for urging global action to fight climate change.

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Restaurants Giving Free Food On Your Birthday!

Here is a list of restaurants who offer free (or discounted) food on your birthday. Visit the websites for details. Some places you have to register, others you just go in and show ID.

The list is broken down into free food for adults and free food for kids. Some restaurants offer free food for both kids and adults and are on both lists so you don't miss out! There are also a few freebies for kids that aren't food, but they're fun so they're also on the list.

If you know of any free birthday food clubs not on the list please leave a note in the comments and we'll add it.

(also check out The Ultimate Grocery List, a free printable list to take grocery shopping)


Free Birthday Food For Adults:

Abbotts Frozen Custard
Free Treat - Register Online - 33 Locations: NY, FL

USA - Applebees Restaurant
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USA - Arby's
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USA - BD's Mongolian BBQ
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USA - Bailey's Pub & Grill / Fox & Hound Restaurant
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USA - Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream
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USA - Bennigan's Restaurant
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USA - Carrow's Seafood Restaurant
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USA - Charlie Brown's Steakhouse
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USA - Chevy's Mexican Restaurant
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USA - Chili's
Free Dessert and Happy Birthday Song - participating locations

USA - Cold Stone Creamery Birthday Club
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USA - Dairy Queen
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Dairy Queen Blizzard Fan Club - register and get a B1G1F coupon and then get another B1G1F coupon (for Blizzard) about 1 week before your BDay: then JOIN at bottom right

USA - Damon's Steakhouse
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USA - Daphne's Greek Cafe
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USA - Famous Daves BBQ
Free Gift (maybe a piece of birthday cake, an appetizer, some ribs. Special offers and more - Join P.I.G. (pretty important guest) Club. participating restaurants - Click Join Pig Club at bottom of page.

USA - Firehouse Subs
Free Sub on Birthday, Register Online under "Ecrew" - Several Locations

USA - Friendly's Restaurant Birthday Club
Free ice cream cone on their birthday! (Age 13+) - Must join at website, Located in: CT, DE, FL, MA, MD, MASS, NH, NJ,NY, NC, OH, PE, RH, SC, VT, VI.

USA - Fuddruckers Restaurant
Free Sundae - Show ID - NOT at the ABQ, NM location

USA - Glory Days Grill
Free Sundae on Birthday, Special offers - Locations: FL, MD, VA

USA - Gold Star Chili eClub
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USA - Golden Corral
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USA - Hard Times Cafe
Buy 1, Get 1 Free appetizer on birthday, Special Offers, special invite to VIP beer events and more. - Locations: Maryland and Virginia

USA - Hollywood Video Birthday Club
Come in for a FREE Hollywood Film Library® rental on your birthday! If we don't already know, just tell us when you check out that you're celebrating a birthday. Free birthday rentals extend to everyone else on your membership account, too. Next time you're in, just ask a Guest Service Representative if all members' birth dates are in our computer. - Driver's License/State ID Required.

USA - International House Of Pancakes (IHOP)
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USA - Joe's Crab Shack
Free Gift on your Birthday - Register Online

USA - Krispy Kreme
half dozen doughnuts on your birthday and coffee mug. Participating locations - Register through Friends of Krispy Kreme

USA - Macaroni Grill
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USA - Maggiano's Little Italy
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USA - Moe's
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USA - Muer Restaurants
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USA - O'Charley's
Free Dessert and song - Let your waitress know.

USA - On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina
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USA - Outback Steakhouse
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USA - Qdoba Mexican Restaurant
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USA - Quiznos Subs
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USA - Red Lobster
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USA - Red Robin
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USA - Rockfish Restaurant
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USA - Steak and Ale
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USA - The Melting Pot (A fondue restaurant)
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Bob Evans Restaurant Birthday Club
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Brighams Ice Cream & Restaurants
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CONNECTICUT - Taco Loco Mexican Restaurant
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Cactus Willies Birthday Club
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California Pizza Kitchen
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Captain D's Birthday Club
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Cold Stone Creamery Birthday Club
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Culvers Restaurant
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Dairy Queen
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East of Chicago Pizza
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Eat'n Park Restaurant
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FLORIDA - Abbotts Custard
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FLORIDA - Galaxy Skating Centers
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Firehouse Subs
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Outback Steakhouse
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Pizza Ranch
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Price Chopper Supermarkets
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Five locations in DFW. Join the THE CHILEHEADS CLUB
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USA - McDonalds
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USA - O'Charleys
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TEXAS - Casa Chapala
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WISCONSIN - Apple Holler Birthday Club
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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Carlos Mencia Stealing Material? All of the Evidence

There's been a lot of accusations of Carlos Mencia stealing material from other comedians. Thankfully, not only have other comedians stepped up with evidence, but tireless internet junkies have also scoured the pages of history for more proof. See for yourself and decide.

Carlos Mencia and Bill Cosby:

Carlos Mencia and Sam Kinnison:

Carlos Mencia and The State:

Carlos Mencia and Ari Shaffir:

For anyone who wants to cut Mencia some slack on this one, watch the next video, Ari Shaffir confronts Mencia for stealing this joke...

Joe Rogan and Ari Shaffir Confront Carlos Mencia on Stage:

Standup Comic Darren Frost and others Complain About Mencia Stealing Material:

Carlos Mencia and Erik Martinez-Westley:

There are too many similarities in all of these to be mere coincidence. When people in Mencia's profession are going on television and radio to complain over and over that he is stealing their material, something is not right.

Carlos Mencia, you are an ICKY PERSON.


Telemarketers Always Use a Script: Why Shouldn't You?

Every time you get a call you consider junk, just ask the questions in this script. If they answer no, you may be able to sue them. Be sure to put your phone number on the National Do-Not-Call registry by visiting or by calling 1-888-382-1222.

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Is Pope John Paul II Waving From Beyond The Grave?

Or is he screaming out in Hell for covering up child molesting priests? A ceremony in Poland to mark the second anniversary of the Pope's death had this bizarre, supposedly un-Photoshopped image in flames.

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New Film Exposes How Rudy Failed Firefighters On 9/11

Filmmaker Robert Greenwald has released another explosive short documentary film about Rudy Giuliani, this time highlighting the former New York City mayor's controversial handling of radios used by the city's fire department on Sept. 11. Hit the jump to read the full article.

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Darth Vader Loves His Harmonica

The Boy Who Is Allergic To (Almost) Every Food; Can Only Eat 6 Things

Twelve-year-old Tylor Savage doesn’t have to ask what’s for dinner. It’s chicken or tuna with carrots and potatoes and maybe some grapes or an apple — the only foods to which he is not allergic. “I’m a little bored with the same food,” Tylor told TODAY co-host Matt Lauer during a visit to New York on Thursday with his father and sister.

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US ponders Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton White House

The prospect of nearly 30 years of uninterrupted White House rule by a Bush or Clinton is triggering debate about dynastic power in the cash-hungry world of US politics.

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BREAKING: Stanford Team Finds Blood Test to Identify Alzheimer's Disease

Researchers at Stanford University have developed a potentially pathbreaking blood test that, according to preliminary studies, is able to identify patients with Alzheimer's disease - an ailment that has been notoriously difficult to diagnose.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Radio hosts slam top Democrats for reluctance to consider impeachment

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) -- the top Democratic leaders from each of their respective chambers of Congress -- are drawing fire for a pair of recent radio appearances in which they reiterated their opposition to pursuing the impeachment of President George W. Bush.

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Kucinich: "the next president should hand over Bush to law enforcement."

"If Congress doesn't impeach President Bush for intentionally misleading the public, the next president should hand over Bush and his administration to law enforcement officials."

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

USA Gone Wrong: CIA Investigating Own Inspector General for Investigating CIA

In the latest of a seemingly endless series of shocking revelations about the Bush Administration's attempts to punish anyone who attempts to hold them accountable to the rule of law, it is being reported today that the CIA is investigating its own Inspector General for investigating the CIA for committing acts of torture.

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60% Of Lipsticks Contain Lead

It appears toys aren't the only things that contain lead: "the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics tested 33 brand-name lipsticks, including brands like Cover Girl, L'Oreal, and Christian Dior, and are reporting that "61 percent had detectable lead levels of 0.03 to 0.65 parts per million (ppm)." One-third of the lipsticks tested had levels higher than 0.1 ppm, the FDA's safety limit for lead in candy."

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Giuliani Firm Accused of Stealing $10M

A prominent Texas Republican (and philanthropist) has sued Rudy Giuliani’s law firm and a close friend and partner of Giuliani’s, Kenneth Caruso, alleging that Caruso, the firm and others schemed and conspired to steal $10 million and then covering it up .

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Fun Facts about the Major Presidential Candidates and Religion...

Meet the Candidates: How well do you know your presidential hopefuls? Radar helpful voter's guide compiles a few fun facts they left off their resumes about Jesus and Christianity.

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Bush Administration Started Listening to Your Calls BEFORE September 11!

The Washington Post makes this damning revelation about the Bush administration, "...the NSA approached Qwest more than six months before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks...suggests that the Bush administration was seeking to enlist telecommunications firms in programs without court oversight before the terrorist attacks on New York..." As soon as he got into office, Bush started to wiretap without warrants! That's a minimum 5 year prison sentence, under the FISA act.

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