Wednesday, May 14, 2008

John Edwards Goes Out On A Limb, Endorses Obama

John Edwards took a huge political chance today, waiting until the last possible moment to endorse Barack Obama. It was a move expected since Edwards dropped out of the Democratic Presidential race in January.

When Obama jumped out to a huge lead over Hillary Clinton, John Edwards pointed to his similarities with Obama's agenda for America, for example, "change". Edwards shared other similarities with Obama that seemingly made this endorsement inevitable. Such as, Obama had a white grandmother, so did Edwards. Obama took a low paying job out of college working in a poor neighborhood, likewise, Edwards became rich as a lawyer both defending and suing major corporations for millions of dollars. And while Obama has been against the Iraq war from the start, Edwards voted for the war and changed his mind years later. The similarities are astonishing.

Since Edwards announced he was dropping out January 30th, there had been conflicting reports that he wanted to endorse Obama, while his wife wanted to endorse Hillary. By waiting until Hillary is basically mathematically eliminated, Edwards keeps both his wife and Hillary happy by not throwing support (and possibly cash from Edwards' backers) to Obama earlier.

In related news, John Edwards also announced he is close to endorsing Blu Ray over HD DVD. Edwards added that he's not in favor of George Clooney replacing Val Kilmer as Batman, and also said that because his father "worked in a mill", he's leaning towards backing alternating current over direct current.