Saturday, June 21, 2008

Obama Saves Taxpayers Millions, McCain Breaks Laws, Which Makes News?

So let's get this straight: Obama decides to forgo public funding for his presidential bid, saving taxpayers over $80,000,000. Somehow this is covered by the mainstream media as a bad thing.

Then John McCain once again breaks federal election finance laws, technically making him a criminal, and this gets ZERO mainstream media coverage?

What the hell is going on? Does the press have an agenda once again to fix a U.S. Presidential Election? It's starting to look that way.

While McCain and the Republican Party were counting on Fox News and the mainstream media to take the bait and attack Obama's decision to save the country millions, McCain and his lobbyist managers were conspiring how to manipulate laws controlling donation limits to candidates. Instead of the $2300 per person donation limit, which was set by a law McCain sponsored, under McCain's new scheme donors will be able to give $70,000 each. That's an increase of almost 3,000%. But the news is NOT the scheme to allow the fat cats who have prospered during the Bush-McCain raping of America to bankroll four more years, instead it's Obama saving taxpayers $85,000,000? Give me a break.

But this is not the first time McCain has either directly broken campaign finance laws or schemed to find loopholes. Where Obama said he would likely use public financing months ago, then changed his mind, it seems McCain did more than just say he might use it, he was certified to use federal public funds to finance his campaign. McCain then violated a federal election law by spending more money than allowed, then defended himself by claiming he withdrew from public financing. However, McCain actually used the public funds as collateral on a loan. By refusing the public funds he defaulted on the loan and broke federal election finance laws. McCain's group says he never officially accepted the federal money, but the SEC sent him a letter saying otherwise, and that the SEC "has not yet granted (McCain's) withdrawal request."

Unfortunately, or I should say, conveniently, the government body that enforces election finance laws, the Securities and Exchange Commission, is on hold because George W. Bush is playing games with four open positions by trying to nominate biased Republican buddies who will play loose with laws that protect individual investors from being scammed by folks like Enron. Without a full panel, the SEC cannot rule on campaign finance offenses. So McCain get's a free pass, not only in the courts, but by the mainstream media. Just like he has his entire career.

So let's review.

We know McCain is an admitted adulterer.

His war hero reputation was built on a failed military career where he was given a choice pilot job, despite graduating in the bottom 1% of his class, because his father was a four star general overseeing the entire European operations.

According to other Navy veternas, McCain crashed 5 Navy planes, partially from arrogance from refusing to read pilot training manuals and follow other Navy training procedures.

He admitted to being treated better than the other POW's he was incarcerated with because his father was a four star general, and in fact might have been not tortured at all. His nickname from other POW's he was held with was "Songbird" because of his "willingness to tell all".

When he returned home he started cheating on his disabled wife almost immediately.

He chose to marry his second wife a month after getting divorced, because her father was wealthy and had valuable political ties.

He moved to Arizona to run for office using his new families cash and take advantage of his new father-in-law's political pull in the state.

He was reprimanded by the Senate for his dishonest involvement in the Keating Five, where he pressured Federal investigators to stop investigating a fraudulent banker who made lavish donations and gifts to McCain.

He falsified his IRS returns by not claiming tens of thousands of dollars in gifts from Keating.

A $359,000 investment his wife made with Keating, who was convicted of 70 counts of fraud, was later sold for $15,000,000.

His economic adviser passed the law that removed Depression-era safeguards that led the current subprime mortgage meltdown, and he says that same advisor, Phil Gramm, would be his Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

He has a reputation of never turning down lobbyist money, and has a record of passing lobbyist-favorable laws within hours of stuffing his pockets - see Viacom.

He's admitted he's too old to be president.

He's admitted he doesn't know much about economics.

He's shown he doesn't know anything about foreign policy - not knowing the basics of Sunni-Shi'ite relations, al Qaeda, or who is in charge of Iran.

He's flip flopped on positions just minutes later.

He admitted to having an affair with a lobbyist to his campaign aides, and passed favorable laws for her employer.

The plane he has flown on for years was used to fly Saudi's out of the country just days after 9/11.

And he's broken the same federal election finance laws he wrote.

That's just a few things we know about the man, but instead of covering any of this in the mainstream press, we get days of complaints that "Obama opted out of public financing"?