Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Freebie of the Day: The Ultimate Grocery List

Today I'm starting a new regular column called Freebie of the Day. I'll write about something you can get for free that might actually be of benefit.

In the past I've compiled a list of restaurants that give out free food on your birthday, which has been very popular.

Today's Freebie of the Day is a printable grocery list, called The Ultimatest Grocery List.

It features a table of grocery items broken down by categories, as well as check boxes and a blank area to write in other items. I've found it to be a very handy list, better than my cryptic hand scrawled notes.

Tip: if your printer costs a fortune to run, you might print one copy and take it to a local printing shop and run off 25-50 copies for less than replacing your expensive ink cartridges.

The Ultimatest Grocery List can be downloaded here. (Letter size is the one most people download)


Anonymous said...

Cool, thanks!