Monday, June 1, 2009

Scattershot News - Monday

Scattershot news, your quick roundup of today's top stories.

What do the Titanic, Susan Boyle, and Obama's health care reform have in common? Read on.

GM files bankruptcy on Monday, hoping to retool and get new loans. If it works they will emerge leaner, minus Pontiac, Saturn, Hummer, and Saab.

Chrysler's sale to Fiat was approved by a bankruptcy judge, against the wishes of investors who got little or no return on their investment.

The last living Titanic survivor has died. She was 9 weeks old when it sank.

Ice Road Truckers
has started season 3. They've moved to a much deadlier route in Alaska this season, where they have been an average of almost 1 driver fatality for every one of the 414 mile run. It's definitely worth checking out during a slow TV time. It should be on demand on Comcast, Hulu, or on History Channel in reruns all week.

Minnesota's U.S. Senate battle finally goes to the state's supreme court on Monday. Republican Norm Coleman has lost every recount but refuses to concede he lost last November. Democrat Al Franken is waiting to be seated, giving the Democrats a filibuster proof 60 votes. Minnesota is a Republican state, so anything could happen.

The Detroit Red Wings have taken a 2-0 lead over the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Stanley Cup rematch of last year's championship.

Octomom has signed a reality TV deal with a British network.

Susan Boyle, who was expected by many to win Britain's Got Talent (Britain's American Idol style show) finished in second place last week and was admitted to a mental hospital after a nervous breakdown this weekend.

Obama is trying to fast track his health care reform, hoping to have it passed in August and signed by September or October. however, most people on capitol hill have no clue what the exact details of the plan are, since they haven't been fully revealed. Obama understands the bill needs to be passed before it becomes a key point in next year's mid term elections. However, Obama also has to get his Supreme Court choice through summer hearings at the same time.

France has officially declared the Mormon Church a cult, joining Scientology and Satanism in that country as outcasts.

China will tear down 85% of the ancient Silk Road city Kashgar supposedly to protect it from earthquakes. The real reason, people claim, is that most of the city's population are Muslim, whom China claims are associating with jihadists. China is relocating the residents to several other cities in smaller numbers. And the earthquake claim? The city is 1,000 years old, and virtually every building is 500-1,000 years old. No earthquakes have done what china will do.

What I'm Watching Tonight:

The Princess Bride on ABC Family 9pm eastern/8 central.
Romantic and silly fun for the whole family, featuring swordfights, a princess, a rhyming giant, and a different kind of man in black. INCONCEIVABLE!