Monday, September 14, 2009

List of Secret Menu Items at Restaurants

We've all been there. That new menu item comes out that fills you full of greasy fat and hugs your endorphins. Months later it disappears from your life without so much as even a 'Dear John' letter, never to be heard from again.

But don't fret, little darling, there's a good chance your forbidden love is hiding in the back room of your favorite food joint, just waiting for you to say the magic words.

The Secret Menu, a mixture of forgotten foods and crazed Frankenstein mash-ups can be found at just about any fast food restaurant, you just need to know the lingo, baby. Some places will even make anything you can dream of, no questions asked, although not all employees will know what some of these are.

Tip: restaurants are less likely to make you a custom item if they are swamped. Try and only order these during a slow time of the day, you're more likely to get what you want and not have a "surprise" in it.

(Your favorite not on the list? Post it in the comments and I'll add it, or snap a picture and email it to Editor AT

McDonald's Secret Menu:

  • McGangBang (a double cheeseburger with a McChicken in the middle, some McD's will include the McChicken bun as well for 4 buns total)

  • Land, Sea, and Air Burger (a hamburger plus Filet O'Fish and McChicken patties)

  • McKinley Mac (aka Big Mac with Quarter Pounder patties instead)

  • Big MacChicken (A Big Mac with McChicken patties instead of the bun)

  • Grilled Cheese (cheeseburger minus the meat and toppings)

  • Mini Mac, aka Poor-Man's Big Mac (order a double cheeseburger with Big Mac sauce and lettuce, plus diced onions on the side. It's less than half the cost of a Big Mac and you're only missing the sesame seeds on the bun)

  • Mega Mac, aka Double Big Mac (a Big Mac with four patties and extra cheese)

  • Monster Mac (a Big Mac with eight patties and extra cheese)

  • The All-American (a hamburger with only pickles and ketchup)

  • Fries with Big Mac sauce (order Big Mac sauce on the side for dipping, great for McNuggets, too)

  • Biscuits and Gravy (and old breakfast menu item from the 80's, most McD's will make it if asked)

  • Apple Pie McFlurry

  • Apple Pie Fudge Sundae (a warm apple pie with a fudge sundae on top)

  • Neapolitan Milkshake (chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry shakes layered in a cup)

  • Mint-Chocolate Milkshake *seasonal (chocolate and shamrock shakes layered in a cup)

  • Creamsicle Milkshake *seasonal (vanilla and orange milkshakes layered in cup)

  • Burger King Secret Menu:

  • Ham and Cheese sandwich (comes on long bun with lettuce and tomato)

  • Mustard Whopper (mustard instead of mayo)

  • Veggie Whopper (Whopper without meat - NOT to be confused with the BK Veggie Burger, which has a Morningstar Farms veggie patty)

  • Frings (half fries, half onion rings)

  • Rodeo Burger (cheeseburger with onion rings and bbq sauce)

  • Big King (BK's version of the Big Mac, no longer offered. Make your own by ordering a BK Stacker minus the bacon, then add lettuce, onion and pickles)

  • Wendy's Secret Menu:

  • Grand Slam (aka Classic Quadruple, aka Meat Cube)

  • Value Crispy Chicken Club (value menu Crispy Chicken with bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo)

  • Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe (adds lettuce, tomato, and onions to the pickles and ketchup on a regular Jr. Cheeseburger)

  • Taco Bell Secret Menu:

  • TB is the holy grail of secret menu's and will make just about anything you can dream up.

  • Fresco alternatives: order anything Fresco and they'll replace the cheese with pico de gallo (fiesta salsa) and omit the sour cream or other sauces for a healthier version

  • Spicy Green ______ (say "Spicy Green" before any menu name and you'll get the much sought after Taco Bell secret Green Chili sauce on your food, Green Sauce only found at some TB's)

  • Lava _____ (like it hot? TB will gladly add Lava sauce to any item)
    Cheesy Gordita Crunch (no longer on the menu but they'll still make it)

  • Enchirito (beef, beans, cheese, diced onions and red sauce make up TB's version of the enchilada)

  • You can also substitute Chicken for Beef in any item.

  • Jack in the Box Secret Menu:
    Jack will make any monstrosity out of their ingredients that you can think of.

    In and Out Secret Menu:
    3x3 burger (3 beef patties and 3 slices of American cheese)
    4x4 burger
    Animal burger (beef patty fried in mustard, plus cheese, onions, and sauce)
    Animal fries (with onions, cheese, and sauce)
    Neapolitan Milkshake (chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry shakes layered in a cup)

    Red Robin Secret Menu:
    Petite Burgers (mini burgers)
    Anything you can create on their website using The Customizer, you can get in a restaurant. Want a Natural Burger with Battered Cod, bacon and avocado on Texas toast? They'll make it.

    Fatburger Secret Menu:
    The Hypocrite (a veggie burger topped with bacon strips)

    Sonic Secret Menu:
    Frito Pie (order a Frito Chili Cheese Wrap, minus the wrap and the lettuce and tomato)
    Grilled Ham and Cheese sandwich

    Potbelly's Secret Menu:
    Cheeseburger (meatball sandwich, no marinara, with ketchup, mustard, cheese, pickle)
    Fireball (meatball sandwich with chili on top)
    Wrecking Ball (combo of two sandwiches - the meatball and the wreck)

    Dairy Queen Secret Menu:
    DQ will make you anything they have ingredients for.
    Peanut Buster Parfait (DQ has a big book of instructions on how to make old menu items)

    Jamba Juice Secret Menu:
    White Gummi Bear
    Red Gummi Bear
    Blue Gummi Bear
    Green Gummi Bear
    Chocolate Gummi Bear
    Raspberry Dreamin'
    Pineapple Dreamin'
    Sourpatch Kid
    Tropical Tango
    Pacific Passion
    Berry Depressing
    Now and Later
    Peanut Butter and Jelly
    Apple Pie
    Fruity Pebbles
    Rainbow Sherbet
    Strawberry Shortcake
    Push Pop
    Andres' Surprise
    Lemonade Lightnin'

    Arby's Secret Menu:
    French Dip (they'll make an old school, non-toasted FD anytime, just ask)
    Wet Fries (fries with cheddar cheese sauce)

    Chipotle Secret Menu:
    Quesorito (a quesadilla with burrito fillings, rolled like a burrito)

    Subway Secret Menu:
    Pizza sub (not on the menu at all Subways, but they'll all make it)

    Chili's Secret Menu:
    Chili (yep, it's no longer on the menu but they still make it)

    TGI Friday's Secret Menu:
    They'll make anything they have ingredients for.

    Starbucks Secret Menu:
    Starbucks will make you anything they have ingredients for, like blending items into drinks. If a barista refuses, ask to see a manager and they'll relent.


    Anonymous said...

    The Potbelly I worked at made a version of a BigMac- basically just the cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, and thousand island as toppings.

    Anonymous said...

    Sonics AMAZING Purple "O" or purple passion! its soo good!!

    Anonymous said...

    Pink Lady- Sprite with Cherry Vanilla & Cream
    Pink Flamingo- Sprite with Lemon and Strawberry
    Sunrise- Cherry limade with orange juice
    Sunshine smoothie- Ice cream & slush with stawberry, banana, & orange juice.
    Orange cool breeze- Sprite with Cherry, orange, & pineaplle.

    Anonymous said...

    Some Red Robins have done away with the 'Mile High Mud Pie''. It's insanely huge and has 8 layers? And really takes 5-8 to eat it. They still order them, oreal cookie crust, coffee ice cream? Chocolate cake, I think there's some chocolate mousse and other layers it's been years:)

    Anonymous said...

    Ive worked at Red robin for 8 years and recently left and we have ALWAYS had the mud pie, and I think there would be a revolt in upstate NY if we did away with it...chocolate ice cream, cookies and cream ice cream, and i think chocolate-malt ice cream..cookie and caramel chewy layer, hot fudge, whipped cream and cherry...ask if not on menu

    Anonymous said...

    Sonic also has a drink called the Green Panda. It's got Sprite, green apple, and vanilla! I had my dirt one this weekend and it's so good!

    Anonymous said...

    Anyone know what was in a Big Chill dessert at Red Robin probably 20 years ago?