Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bill Brady: I'll Fire 128,000 People To Pay For Tax Cuts For The Rich

Bill Brady's Sinking Ship would be a good name for the Republican candidate for Illinois Governor's campaign. After all, at the rate people are jumping off his bandwagon, he's going to be trounced in the November election by Pat Quinn.

The latest problem for Brady (besides those pesky poll numbers) is being caught repeatedly telling a lie, going all the way back to last Spring. Brady has repeated the same lie all Summer and now into the Fall. And it's a lie that can be easily dis-proven.

Brady has claimed for months now that he has never said he would cut the Illinois budget 10% across the board (it's such a bold faced lie it now has it's own name, the A-B-C Plan).

The state does need to cut spending further, but a reckless 10% cut across the board would create more problems than it would solve. That's not me saying that, that's Crain's Chicago Business saying it:

"Using multipliers developed by Mark Zandi, chief economist at, and former economic adviser to Republican Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign, cutting $9 billion in state spending would cause Illinois to lose more than 128,000 private-sector jobs. That's because those spending cuts would be achieved by firing teachers, health care workers, correctional officers and other public servants..."

One main reason Brady is planning on firing 128,000 state employees is because he's also planning on a 10% tax cut for his super rich friends. Firing 128,000 people helps pay for the $1 billion in tax cuts he's going to give to the rich. Brady has also voted against state bills to create new jobs.

Brady has not only claimed he never said he would slash government spending 10%, but challenged reporters to prove he ever did say it.


Several reporters called his bluff.


"On Friday, Brady held a media availability and was asked about his 10% Across the Board plan, and specifically how it would relate to job cuts across the State while at the same time somehow creating jobs. Brady, in the hot seat with his naive plan in the spotlight, sweat visible on his upper lip, denied ever supporting Across the Board Cuts. Questioned, Brady responded “I’ve never said across-the-board.” Challenged further, Brady replied “You find it on tape.”

Here is the video of Brady claiming he never said it:

And below is the video of Brady saying he's called for 10% across the board cuts. Notice that Brady mentions using the 10% across the board budget cuts to pay for his $1 billion tax cut for the rich. Firing 128,000 teachers, doctors, policemen, firefighters, sanitation workers, etc., just to allow his rich buddies to put more money in their bank accounts. What a piece of shit.

Brady keeps on lying. has more:

"Perhaps the best part of it all is that Brady was recently on his hometown radio station, WJBC in Bloomington. During the interview (audio below), among other interesting statements (claims again that Hardin County closed down, deflects questions regarding his tax returns, etc.), Brady tries to claim that the “10% Across-the-Board” statement was a quote made-up by the media and that he had never said it. He vehemently claims, when asked “you’ve never said that?”, “No, I have not.” Listen.