Monday, March 28, 2011

Random Patterns: Teachers Burn in Hell, Student Loan Kickbacks

Let's start the week off with some warm news:

A teacher (at a Catholic school, no less) was fired after she started a website naming fellow teachers and some of her students she hopes "burn and rot in hell".

She refused to take down the website and has been fired. The teacher is outraged the school fired her! Outraged!

Colleges Paying Homeless Students Kickbacks to Get Federal Loans

The For-Profit college industry has become a very shady business. The latest news, from Business Week, is that some schools are recruiting homeless students, then offering them bi-weekly payments to attend classes, which allows the school to continue to receive federal funding for that student.

Seinfeld's Puddy Talks Cheeseburgers

Remember Elaine's on-again off-again boyfriend Puddy? (aka Patrick Warburton, aka The Tick, also on Rules of Engagement). He's narrating cheeseburgers for the Cheese and Burger Society. It's quite amusing. Let the website load, then move the slider at the bottom to one of the numbered recipes, and he tells you why The Uncle Sam Burger is delicious.

Fringe Renewed by Fox

The best show on TV, Fringe, has been renewed for a full 22 episode fourth season on Fox...

"FOX claims that critics' praise is at an all-time high and that Fringe is the No.1 show on television Friday nights. Fringe has also done good things for the network airing on Fridays by increasing the network’s average viewing by 38%."

Congrats to the Fringe cast and crew. The show started off strong, stumbled a bit in the first season before finding itself in the second season. It has become the must watch Sci-Fi show.

Color Movies in 1922?

One of the earliest true color motion picture film in existence is a test film shot by Kodak in 1922. It's embedded below. It's not the same as Kinemacolor, which dates back to 1902. Kinemacolor was regular black and white film that was hand painted frame by frame for a partial color effect.