Friday, March 29, 2013

The First Goalie on Goalie Hockey Game

In a hockey game in 1905 a very unusual event occurred. In a game between the Montreal Westmounts and the Quebec Bulldogs in the Canadian Amateur Hockey League, every player except for the goalies were ejected by the referees. This resulted in the two goalies, Montreal's Fred Brophy and Quebec's Paddy Moran, taking turns shooting at each other. When Brophy beat Moran to win the game it became the first recored goal scored by a goaltender.

A side note, only 10 goalies have ever scored in an NHL game. The first NHL goal scored by a goalie happened in 1979 when NY Islanders goalie Billy Smith was credited with the goal after Colorado Rockies' defenseman Rob Ramage shot the put into his own net. (The Rockies would move to New Jersey 3 years later and become the Devils)

The complete list of NHL goalies to score in a game:

Billy Smith - NY Islanders
Ron Hextall - Philadelphia Flyers (twice)
Chris Osgood - Detroit Red Wings
Martin Brodeur - New Jersey Devils (three times)
Damian Rhodes - Ottawa Senators
Jose Theodore - Montreal Canadiens
Evgeni Nabakov - San Jose Sharks
Mika Noronen - Buffalo Sabres
Chris Mason - Nashville Predators
Cam Ward - Carolina Hurricanes

Brodeur scored a goal for the third time earlier this month.

Only 6 goals have been scored directly from shots taken by a goalie. Here are all 6: